How To Increase Punching Speed & Power #1

Increase handspeed & Power in boxing

There are many different ways to increase your punching speed & power, i will go through some drills that has brought me results of increased punching speed & power.

Throughout my journey in boxing i have tried quite a few drills that i have found on social media and boxing pages, some good, some bad and some.. let’s just say, not so good.

You should always be patient and trust the process but if you haven’t seen any results of your training after a certain amount of time (1-3 months) you are either doing it wrong or the source from where you got that particular workout was not trustworthy. (I really don’t wan’t to talk down on anyone, i’m just saying there are lot’s of websites and Youtube channels that just do what they do for the money and not for the sport of boxing or the people executing it.)

The drills i put up are some that has worked for me and i have received the information from highly experienced coaches, all credit goes to them and i’m very glad to be able to pass it forward.

I will do a few different blog posts on Speed & Power exercises so you can add them all together so it will make one whole speed & explosive training session.

So let’s begin, this one is definitely going to increase your Speed & Power in boxing.

Things you need:

  • 1 Medicine ball (this exercise requires a strong wall that can take the impact of a thrown medicine ball, i use a 3-5kg medicine ball)

  • Boxing shoes, it’s extremely important to have boxing shoes that has good grip on the floor so you can get that edge and throw/punch even harder, those inches will add up and make a huge difference.

I myself just bought a new pair of white Lonsdale Boxing Shoes, i had the first pair for 3 and a half years and i loved them, tried a few different along the way of course but no other pair had the same touch. If you want you can get them from here both in black and white color:

Lonsdale Boxing Shoes


Without making your muscles tired or exhausted in any way, this is not cardio training, this is for speed and explosiveness so to get the most out of this training session you need to remain as fresh as you can throughout the whole exercise.

Medicine ball

Find the right medicine ball for you, i use anything from 3-5kg and i weigh 60kg.

Start with back hand

Pick it up and stand 1-2 meters off the wall while facing it. Get into your boxing stance and hold it in your back hand with your palm upwards. Gently balance it with your lead hand so you keep the ball near your chin (almost touching it) and lean back, keep your weight on your back foot and then you press AS HARD/EXPLOSIVELY AS YOU CAN starting from your back foot so the power goes from back foot – legs – body – shoulders – triceps – release! Just like you would throw a hard straight back hand. You do 5 throws and then rest for a minute and switch to lead hand. (see below)

Increase handspeed & Power in boxing

Then do the same with the lead hand

Keep the ball in your front hand, palm facing upwards a few inches in front of your face and gently balance the ball with your back hand.

Now i do it like when i normally throw a jab. Take a small step forward and push AS HARD/EXPLOSIVELY AS YOU CAN from your back foot and take a small step forward with your front foot and plant it hard so the power goes from like front foot – legs – body – shoulders – triceps – release! Just like you would throw a hard jab. You do 5 throws and then rest for a minute and then start over again with your back hand.

You do both hands 5 throws and for 6 sets. (back hand + lead hand = 1 set.)

“Can i do this even if i don’t have any other exercises to fill in the workout with?”

Yes you can! If you don’t have any other explosive workouts then just do this one and the rest of the time you can do any boxing drills to fill the workout schedule and get a really good session of it!

But make sure that you DO NOT make yourself/your muscles tired, to get the most of this training you need to remain as fresh as you can throughout the whole exercise.

Increase handspeed & Power in boxing
(this should not be you, not at the beginning, during or end of the speed & explosive workout.) Allright?!

The workout so far:

  • Medicine ball throw – 5 throws with back hand then rest for 1min and 5 throws with lead hand then rest for one minute = 1 set. Do this for 6 sets.

  • Cooldown 5-10min jogging/walking and then 5-10mins stretching. (“Definition of cooldown. : the act or an instance of allowing physiological activity to return to normal gradually after strenuous exercise by engaging in less strenuous exercise.“)

This workout i learned from my coach Karre Anttonen, he is an incredible boxing coach and a truly inspiring person. Check out our clubs website and read about upcoming champions like Arslan “Borz” Khataev at:

Thanks for your time and attention

Anyways! thanks for taking your time and giving your attention, time is the most valuable thing we have so i really hope you benefit from my ideas and workouts and if there’s anything you would like to ask or if you would like me to make a tutorial about something then don’t hesitate to DM me through IG or E-mail:


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