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Emil the rabbit Alm record your sparring sessions

Everybody can throw a punch but not everybody can fight.

When I first started sparring, it felt like hell. You feel exhausted and at the same time you need to keep your guard up, keep moving, find openings, throw punches etc…

As a beginner, if you start sparring before you fully understand the techniques, you don’t really know what to do other than to throw a barrage of punches and get away when you are not punching.  There is very little counter punching or searching for openings. Also, when you spar against people that also are inexperienced, you both will be excited, scared, and stiff which will lead to a very tense sparring session.

If you don’t have the technique to block punches and you are not used to taking punches then you’ll easily be hit and expose yourself to injury.  If you can establish the pace, try as best you can to keep things very technical in your early sparring sessions. Step it up slowly once you and your sparring partner start to feel comfortable at a certain speed and power. Everybody can throw a punch but not everybody can box, learn to box first, then start to increase the speed and power in sparring.

Beginner sparring 4.4.2016

WATCH short video HERE of my first sparring sessions with “real” boxers, and got accepted to compete for the boxing club after that.

The sparring always went better than you think it did!

When you are sparring it might feel like you are the one getting hit more than your opponent. Afterwards, you don’t really remember that much since there is so much that happens even in just one round.  It’s not really possible to remember all of what you did, good or bad. But if you record it and you watch the video, I GUARANTEE that it went better than you thought it did, AND you will get much more out of your sparring sessions going forward.  You’ll be able watch repeatedly and learn from your mistakes, as well as build on what you did well and continue to develop your style.

I thought my sparring partners wouldn’t like it so i didn’t do it.

I did record some of my workouts back when I started training, but when I began boxing and started sparring I did not really feel comfortable putting up a camera in the corner. I thought my sparring partners wouldn’t like it and that they wouldn’t want their sparring to be recorded.  A few months later I decided to put up the camera even if it felt awkward somehow, because I wanted to see my own sparring and better my own game, when I came in I simply asked them “is it okay to record the sparring? ” and they all were like “yeah no problem” and after a few weeks they began to ask for the sparring clips as well!

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I realized it’s not only fun to watch but its really beneficial, you get so much more out of your sparring sessions!

The best thing was, every time I watched my sparring session I was like “oh, I did not do so bad after all” and I started to take notes of things I needed to work on and tried my best to implement those things in my next sparring session. Also, took notes of the things I did well and what really worked for me so that I could develop further.  For me it really boosted my motivation and made it possible for me to get more out of my sparring sessions and grow as a boxer.

So if you haven’t recorded your sparring sessions yet, DO IT!

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