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Amateur Boxer

Emil "The Rabbit" Alm


"The Rabbit"

Hi! My name is Emil Alm, im 29 years old and i live in Aland Island, Finland. I'm an amateur boxer and Finnish Championship medalist.

I have been boxing since march 2015, i had my first bout in october 2016.

Hope you enjoy my content and if you have anything to ask just send me a message through Instagram, Facebook or email me at

Boxing & Life Blog

How To Increase Punching Speed & Power #1

By Emil The Rabbit Alm
Increase handspeed & Power in boxing

There are many different ways to increase your punching speed & power, i will go through some drills that has brought me results of increased punching speed & power. Throughout my journey in boxing i have tried quite a few drills that i have found on social media and boxing pages, some good, some bad…

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Amateur Boxer

5.1.2015 i decided to quit gaming because i felt i was drawn to it too much so gaming basically consumed a huge part of my life without me getting anywhere, and i was sick of it.

I started eating the right foods and began to train more seriously, i saw results faster than i had ever thought i could. A couple weeks later i began boxing and i knew right from the start i wanted to compete because i have always been competitive and to do so has always been one of my "dreams".

Went on my first bout 2.9.2016 and won. Since then i have been training and competing.

I find it amazing what we are able to do when we set our mind to something.


I make websites aswell!

Contact me through Facebook, Instagram or just email me at: